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Restaurant ‘t Zilte
Hanzestedenplaats 5
2000 Antwerp
T: +32(0)3 283 40 40

Opening hours

open 12u00 – 13u30, closed 17u00

open 19u00 – 20u30, closed 00u30
Monday for lunch, Saturday, Sunday & Holidays

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Anual holidays

13th of April – 22nd of April / Easter Holidays
(Open on April 23rd for dinner / lunch closed)

10th of August – 27th of August / Summer holidays
(Open on August 28th / lunch & diner)

26th of October – 4th of November / Autumn holidays
(Open on November 5th for dinner / lunch closed)

21st of December – 7th of January / Christmas holidays
(Open on January 8th / lunch & diner)

Public holidays

Wednesday May 1st
Labor Day

Thursday May 3th 2019
O.L.H Ascension Day

Monday June 10th 2019

Monday November 11th